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Serving: Albany, Greene, and Schoharie County

Full and partial

"Note: This lists streets with current subscribers, however service is determined on a house by house basis by a NYAir reception test at time service is requested. Availability depends on elevation, height of house, where antenna will be mounted, topography of lot, line of sight to existing access tower, etc. For more information, please contact NYAir."

Covered Streets in Rensselaerville

Airport Rd


North Rd

Current as of June 26th

Baitholz Rd


Olimo Lane


Barger Rd


Pearson Rd

Bates Lane

Blake Rd


Peckman Hollow Rd

Broom Center Rd

Brenner Lane


Niles Rd

Chimney Dr

  Buckhorn Mountain Rd

Rt 143

Cook Rd

Camp Medusa Rd


Knowles Rd

Knowles Rd

Chase Lane


Rt 362

Rt 362

Cheese Hill Rd


Scott Patent Rd

Scott Patent Rd

Cooley Rd


Chimney Dr

Smith Rd

Dapice Lane


Rt 358

Teter Rd

Davis Rd


Rt 359


Edwards Hill Rd


Rt 360


Fish Rd


Rt 361


Fox Creek Rd


Rt 401


Gerard Rd


Rt 402


Gifford Rd


Rt 405


Goodrich Rd


Rt 409


Hale Rd


Rt 85


Jaycox Rd


Rugg Rd


Jonny Cake Hill Rd

Saybrook Valley Rd


Kellie Rd


Sayer Rd


Kenyen Rd


Scutt Rd


Kropp Rd


Sherwood Rd


Lambs Corners


Siebert Rd


Lewisdale Rd


Smith Corners


Littner Rd


Sunset Rd


Livingstonville Rd

Ted E Bear Dr


Marks Rd


Townline Rd


McCafferty Rd


Travis Hill Rd


McCulloch Rd


Victoria Dr


Medusa Rd


Wilsey Rd


 if your road is not mentioned please call us for availability