Wind Study Committee

Categories of Focus (Revised 3/12/09)


Main Category

Sub-Categories & Notes


Committee Members


  • Transmission Lines
  • Dealing with inconsistent power production and surges
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Access Roads: Local roads for delivery & maintenance; Property access.
  • Decommissioning/Removal
  • Fire Fighting: equipment & training needed.
  • LifeLight Helicopter access in area.


Harry, Peter

Health & Environmental

  • Noise: Volume; Infrasound; Echoing; health effects.
  • Light: Strobing/Aircraft lighting/Shadow Flicker
  • Vibration
  • Health Effects, humans: Sleep issues,
  • Health Effects, animals: animals & their habitats
  • Terrain & Soil: Bedrock; Type of soil; blasting or drilling
  • Environmental: Water table, wells, runoff during construction and after, clear cutting 4 acres (for large scale)
  • Social Impacts upon during approval phase and ongoing (for large scale).
  • Viewshed Aesthetics


Peter, Melissa



Federal Regulations - Congress & IRS

State Regulations

County Regulations (Municipal Charter?)

Town Regulations – Zoning; Comp Plan

Large Scale Commercial Wind contracts


  • Owner/Developer
  • Town
  • Landowner
  • Manufacturer
  • Installer

Interconnect Agreements:

  • National Grid or Central Hudson
  • Other towns (if connection crosses their boundary)
  • Who is responsible for annual payment? Liability to Town if drop in production?

Cooperative agreements in other locations to make all stakeholders whole.

Right of way/Easements

Lawsuits filed? For what issues? Outcomes?


Dennis, Noel


Backup: Melissa

Zoning Issues


Gather information

Obtain & review other townÕs zoning laws


Dennis, Noel

Large Scale Commercial Wind

(Overlaps with many other areas)

  • Effect upon property values
  • Fire fighting – Need for Town equipment, training, related costs/tax impacts.
  • Local job guarantees: During construction; Ongoing maintenance.
  • Non-disclosure and impact. Neighbor agreements


Noel, Peter

Intermediate Wind - Small Business/Farm/etc

10+-100 kw Installations

Determine clear definition

Determine height, setbacks, neighborÕs rights recommendations unique to this category





Residential Wind Installs

Determine height, setbacks, neighborÕs rights recommendations unique to this category


Harry, Alan



Peter, Noel


Surveys to Collect Information


Design Survey Goals & Questions

Call and perform surveys

Tabulate Results & draw conclusions


Alan, Noel



Town Interface


Our Citizens

Zoning Board of Appeals

Planning Board

Town Board

Code Enforcement Officer

Town Attorney


Alan, Noel & entire committee


WhatÕs possible for Residential and Commercial