Wind Study Committee Members


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Noel Abbott - Preston Hollow – chairperson


I have a strong commitment to seeing well thought out wind power policies and zoning laws that serve our town, as they will likely have a large impact on our town's future.



Alan Wilson – Rensselaerville


"As dramatic change is on our Town's doorstep, Wind Power will be of great interest to all in our community, whether for private or communal reasons. I desire to contribute to current efforts, as this community seeks to responsibly manage a new source of energy and its use."



Dennis Pitts – Preston Hollow


 My goal is to assist my community in developing a sound and coherent pubic policy on the issue of Wind Energy in the Town and to foster dialogue on these sometimes controversial issues.



Melissa McGrath – Rensselaerville


 I believe it is important to gather as much information as possible to permit informed consideration of alternatives and that the implementation of sound and reasoned policies, procedures and zoning regulations are necessary to balance competing interests, ensure maximum benefits to landowners and citizens of Rensselaerville, and preserve the town's rural atmosphere and quality of life.



Peter Sedlmeir - Preston Hollow


I joined the wind power committee to help research wind power so that up to date information can be presented to the Zoning Board and Town Board for the benefit of the people of the town of Rensselaerville.