Wind Study Purpose & Goal Statement Approved 2/24/09/Revised 3/7/09


Rensselaerville Wind Study Committee Purpose


To develop draft zoning regulations for private and commercial wind power facilities and present such draft to the Zoning Review Committee for its review.


To recommend policies, and procedures that will provide maximum long-term benefit to the Town.


The issue of what kinds of wind power will be permitted, encouraged, and disallowed by the Town could have a large impact upon our future quality of life including our:

        Rural atmosphere




        Overall long-term community and environmental health


A well-constructed set of zoning regulations, policies and procedures will balance various factors in whether to allow and support different kinds of wind generation.


The recommendations that we make are intended to maximize the benefits of wind power for residents of the town and the town as a whole concerning both residential and commercial installations.

Committee Goals and Outcomes:


        Recommend zoning laws, policies, and procedures for both small-scale residential wind power and large-scale commercial installations. As these two kinds of installations are very different in scale, implementation, and effect, our recommendations will be unique to each one.


        To align our recommendations with the Town of Rensselaerville Comprehensive Plan finalized March 8, 2007.


        To research zoning laws we can provide to our Town attorney in crafting final zoning laws. The intended purpose: If necessary, our Town will be able to withstand challenges from large scale corporate wind developers and others, if their intended wind projects are not in the interest of our Town or the spirit of the Town of Rensselaerville Comprehensive Plan.


        Education and Citizen Input: To educate ourselves and our Towns residents to the various economic models for wind power installations, and the range of options and agreements, so that both property owners and the Town can enter viable arrangements with commercial developers should we choose to do so.


        To seek input and learn from many varied sources within our town and beyond. Within our town well interact with:

        Our citizens!

        Zoning Review Committee

        Zoning Board of Appeals

        Rensselaerville Town Board

        Planning Board

        Town Attorney

        Town Code Enforcement Officer