Planning Board
Planning Board Meetings are the First and Third Thursdays of the month at 7:00 pm

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Anna Brooks, Chairperson 

Amanda Burton - Planning Board Clerk

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Planning Board Minutes

Planning Board meetings on YouTube

Town Comprehensive Plan and Associated Maps


All applicants must contact Planning Board secretary no later than the FRIDAY PRIOR to meeting date, to be placed on agenda.
All applicants must provide a signed Site Visit Consent Form along with their application
* * see forms below * *

First Step – review the Sketch Plan Review applications/drawings.
Question/answer between applicant and Board to determine feasibility of project.
No fees required at this stage.

Second Step – review formal application, along with
Environmental Assessment Form (SEQRA) and plat drawings.
Fee required to be paid as indicated on application.

Third Step - Public hearing, abutting land owners notified of your proposed project.

Fourth Step – Board approves/disapproves project, signs/seals the final plat drawings,
Resolution indicating approval of project read and copies given to Applicant.

Applicant has 62 days to file all approved maps with Albany County,
then 10 more days from date of Albany County filing to return required
form back to Planning Board.
All late filings will be considered null & void.

Failure to follow through on application will render the
application incomplete and null and void.

Any questions regarding the Planning Board processes or forms should be
directed to the Planning Board Secretary at: 518-239-4225 or email


Site Visit Consent Form – to be accompanied with all applications presented to the Planning Board

Sketch Plan Application – initial application in all minor or major subdivisions OR land annexation

Land Annexation – initial application for land annexation

Minor Subdivision Application – dividing single parcel into 2 separate lots

Major Subdivision Application – dividing single parcel into more than 2 separate lots within 5 years

State Environmental Quality Review - SHORT ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT FORM

Final Plat Application – final process in all major subdivisions

Special Use Permit Application – function other than residential living to be performed on property